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Antech opens the door to new veterinary diagnostics reference laboratory in the UK

Antech Diagnostics has officially opened its brand-new reference laboratory in Warwick. The launch marks the arrival of Antech’s first complete and flexible portfolio in the UK, which includes the reference lab, in-house diagnostics, imaging and software solutions.

November 15, 2023 — Antech, the full-service veterinary diagnostics business that is part of the Science & Diagnostics division of Mars Petcare, has officially opened its new UK veterinary diagnostics laboratory in Warwick.

This state-of-the-art laboratory expands Antech’s UK lab network, which began with Southfields Veterinary Specialists Diagnostic Laboratory and the Dick White Referrals Diagnostic Laboratory, giving veterinary professionals a more dynamic and flexible selection of diagnostics services to provide the right diagnostics at the right time.

A trusted partner in delivering veterinary diagnostics for more than 35 years, Antech brings to the UK a portfolio that spans reference laboratory services, in-house diagnostics, comprehensive imaging and technology solutions, advanced telemedicine services, and innovative rapid diagnostics.

Antech’s offerings in the UK will include innovative diagnostic solutions that help veterinary professionals such as:

  • KeyScreen™, a DNA-based GI parasite screening solution and the most advanced in veterinary medicine;
  • AIS RapidRead™, the fastest, most accurate rapid imaging technology that enables diagnosis in under ten minutes;
  • Nu.Q®, coming soon to the UK, a breakthrough innovation that measures nucleosomes to screen and monitor for canine cancer.

A world-class portfolio, giving veterinary professionals more comprehensive choice

Dr. Christian M. Leutenegger, Vice President of Research & Development at Antech said: “Excellence in diagnostics enables vets to decide the best treatment approach for pets, which is so important because they can’t tell us what or how they are feeling. We have brought innovative technologies and solutions backed by scientific rigor and data-driven insights to veterinary professionals for more than 35 years. We are excited to establish this new reference lab in the UK and, for the first-time, support veterinarians throughout the country with our full-service offering and most advanced technologies.”

Nefertiti Greene, President, Mars Science & Diagnostics said: “At Mars Science & Diagnostics we are focused on enabling pets to live their healthiest lives through science, data and technology. We are continuing to bring this vision to life by establishing a full-service veterinary diagnostics offering in the UK, which spans reference labs, in-house diagnostics, imaging and software solutions. Our aim is for the new Warwick-based Antech reference lab to help UK veterinary care teams achieve the best pet health outcomes, in support of our purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™.” 

Read more about Antech Diagnostics’ UK offerings here.

About Mars Science & Diagnostics  

Mars Science & Diagnostics is a division of Mars Petcare, a diverse business dedicated to one purpose: A BETTER WORLD FOR PETS™.  Science & Diagnostics brings together the power of leading pet health science with expertise across diagnostics, data, and technology to improve outcomes in pet health. Our veterinary diagnostics businesses include Antech, Heska and SYNLAB Vet and our offering spans in-house diagnostic laboratory instruments and consumables, including rapid assay diagnostic products and digital cytology services; local and cloud-based data services; practice information management software and related software and support; reference laboratories; veterinary imaging and technology; education; and telemedicine with board-certified specialist support services. Our at-home diagnostics offering includes Whistle with smart devices to monitor pet health and Wisdom Panel, the world’s most accurate pet DNA test. For 60 years, our Waltham Petcare Science Institute has been advancing science to better understand pet health.

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