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Welcome to Antech Diagnostics  and Imaging

For 30 years, Antech Diagnostics and Imaging has set the standard for reference laboratory and imaging excellence. 

We are proud to have a world-class team of veterinary professionals at your side putting you first with excellent customer service.

At the heart of our company is our love for pets, their health and well-being.

Introducing RenalTech™

RenalTech is a breakthrough in predictive medicine. Powered by artificial intelligence, RenalTech uses common serum and urine diagnostics to predict whether a cat will develop chronic kidney disease in the next 2 years - with greater than 95% accuracy. 

Read the news announcement here! 

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Get Personal with Healthtracks®

Healthtracks makes it easier for you to communicate laboratory results to your clients – right to their phone! It’s free to you and your client.

Forget wasting hours playing phone and email tag. Healthtracks lets you personalize each report to help explain what results mean with your recommendations. Expect increased compliance and a bond that continues beyond the visit.

To sign up your practice for free, go to

iPhoneX Healthtracks App

Clients see a text message from you letting them know their pet’s laboratory results are in. We never use your personal cell number.

iPhoneX Healthtracks App

A personalized welcome message from you is the first thing clients see.  Color-coded bars delineate each section of the laboratory results like chemistry or hematology.  

iPhoneX Healthtracks App

Within each category, a list of all tests conducted are shown. It helps answer the questions, "How healthy is my pet?" and "What tests did I pay for?"

iPhoneX Healthtracks App

Clients can click on a test to learn more about it and why it's important. If there's a concern, you can write an explanation.


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We Are The Reference Lab Company

Antech is North America’s largest veterinary reference laboratory network with more than 65 state-of-the-art facilities. We leverage innovative technology, peer-to-peer case support, outstanding turnaround times, and a world-class team of board-certified specialists and pathologists for expert consulting.

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Intelligent Digital Radiography

Experience the All New Smart DR+
The most intuitive digital radiography system ever created specifically for veterinary use.

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GE Ultrasound

A comprehensive ultrasound product portfolio accessible for any specialty and budget.

Doctor Vet Plus
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The First Fully Integrated Therapeutic Modality

The ALL NEW doctorVet+ therapy laser is the first of its kind, delivering a fully integrated solution into your practice for better patient care and quality outcomes.

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Portable, Small Animal CT

Perform real-time, advanced imaging with a wireless, self-shielded CT scanner virtually in any room of your clinic.

Antech Imaging Services (AIS)

AIS is the industry’s number one veterinary telemedicine and web-based image storage solution. AIS stores more than 920 million images and provides more than 600,000 telemedicine consults each year.

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Join the leading veterinary reference laboratory company and explore our current job listings.