Take the surprise out of chronic kidney disease with artificial intelligence

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How it Works

Powered by breakthrough scientific innovation

RenalTech™ was developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning, and leverages decades of historical patient data.

vet visits
computing hours
years of data

How does the RenalTech™ predictive diagnostic tool work?

RenalTech™ uses common blood and urine tests that you already run routinely on your feline patients, combined with the pet’s age.
The artificial intelligence that powers RenalTech™ uses results from two diagnostic testing events: one current diagnostic event can be paired with another set of results captured within the last 24 months.
Based on that data, RenalTech™ produces a value that indicates a cat’s likelihood to develop chronic kidney disease.

Required diagnostic values

  • BUN
  • Creatinine
  • Urine pH
  • Urine Protein
  • Urine Specific Gravity
  • WBC
  • Age

Use RenalTech™ to develop a personalized care plan for your feline patients

Once you have a RenalTech™ value for a feline patient, you can begin creating a comprehensive, personalized care plan to ensure that the pet lives the longest, healthiest life possible.

Download the RenalTech™ Care Pathway


Highly unlikely to develop chronic kidney disease in the next 2 years.

Next Step

Repeat RenalTech™ at next annual visit.


Insufficient certainty to predict likelihood of chronic kidney disease.

Next Step

Repeat RenalTech™ in 3-6 months.


Patient is highly likely to develop chronic kidney disease in the next 2 years.

Next Step

Apply IRIS staging guidelines.

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