Accurate canine bladder and prostate cancer test

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The power of molecular diagnostics

CADET® BRAF evaluates urine samples from dogs for the presence of cells containing a mutation for canine bladder/prostate cancer (TCC/UC). It’s cutting-edge technology that is accurate, affordable, and convenient for both veterinarian and pet owner.

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How it Works

used in a clinical setting

CADET® BRAF evaluates free-catch urine samples from dogs for the presence of cells harboring the BRAF mutation or specific copy number variations associated with TCC/UC. The assays identify 95% of TCC/UC cases. The extremely low limit of detection of 10 mutation-bearing cells in a urine sample allows early diagnosis of a developing TCC/UC, often several months before any advanced clinical signs associated with the cancer become evident.

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CADET® BRAF-PLUS provides further evaluation of those dogs that present with clinical signs consistent with TCC/UC, but for which no BRAF mutation is detected. Our comprehensive analysis of thousands of clinical specimens has shown that CADET® BRAF-PLUS detects more than 2/3 of the TCC/UC cases that are not identified by CADET® BRAF.

Clinical indications for when to use CADET® BRAF and BRAF-PLUS

Clinical cases presenting with hematuria, stranguria, and/or urinary incontinence with diagnostic imaging evidence of a mass in the bladder.

During chemotherapy to monitor treatment success by decreased levels of BRAF mutation detection, or to monitor cancer relapse by recurrence of BRAF mutation tumor-bearing cells.

Early diagnosis in clinical cases with recurrent, complicated, or antibiotic-resistant urinary tract infections presenting with hematuria without ultrasonographic evidence of a bladder mass.

Confirmation of the TCC/UC diagnosis of a bladder mass from a stained cytology slide following ultrasonography and cytological examination of a fine-needle aspirate from tumor-bearing cells.

Early detection in high-risk dog breeds such as terriers, Shetland and Australian sheep dogs, cattle dogs, beagles, and border collies that are 6 years and older.

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