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Discover the risk for certain canine cancers in-house, instantly.

Nu.Q® on the Element i+ analyzer is exclusively available from Antech as an in-house test option.


Nu.Q® on the Element i+ is the industry’s only in-house canine cancer blood test, offered exclusively by Antech.

Nu.Q® uses breakthrough technology to screen for some of the most prevalent types of canine cancers, especially lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma*.

Accurate and convenient in-house cancer blood test

Only requires 50μL of EDTA plasma from a patient with high (>70%) detection rates for lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma — all at an affordable cost for pet owners.

Innovative cancer assessment

Measures canine plasma nucleosome concentration and helps determine current likelihood of certain cancers.

Affordable testing and immediate results

Refine your differential list, helping you inform pet owners of risk level for common cancer types.

Seamless integration into routine senior wellness assessments

The efficient workflow for Nu.Q® on the Element i+ analyzer makes it easy to add to routine wellness diagnostics for your patients that are at high risk for cancer.

*Nu.Q® is not a confirmatory test for cancer. Nu.Q® results should act as an impetus to perform additional diagnostics to obtain a diagnosis. Elevated plasma nucleosome concentration does not tell you which cancer is present, and further diagnostics will be needed. Certain inflammatory conditions may increase plasma nucleosome concentration and in these instances Nu.Q® cannot differentiate between cancer and an inflammatory response.

Nu.Q® is a registered trademark of VolitionRx Limited and its subsidiaries. The Nu.Q® Canine Cancer Test is supplied to Antech’s Heska affiliate under license by Belgian Volition SRL.

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Accessible, Affordable, and Quantitative

1 in 4 dogs get cancer.1 With Nu.Q®, you can help determine the current likelihood of certain cancers — like lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma, with a blood test for plasma nucleosomes in dogs. 


  • Older dogs (≥7 years of age)
  • Younger dogs (≥4 years of age) for breeds known to be at a higher risk of developing cancer

Nu.Q®️ on the Element i+ analyzer is exclusively available from Antech as an in-house test option.

Evaluate risk of certain cancer types instantly.

Element i+ Immunodiagnostic Analyzer

Empowering veterinary care teams with the industry’s only in-house canine cancer blood test.

Cancer is a leading cause of death in older dogs, with nearly 50% over 10 years of age developing the disease. Over 6 million dogs are diagnosed² with cancer in the United States every year — often far too late. Nu.Q® on the Element i+ allows you to interpret results and develop a plan of action before your patient goes home.

You can evaluate risk of certain cancer types instantly, right at your fingertips. Simply run a Nu.Q® blood test on the in-house Element i+ Analyzer — both cost-effective and simple, requiring only 50μL of EDTA plasma from your patient. Element i+ delivers fast and accurate immunodiagnostic test results on a sleek and compact platform with an expanding test menu.

Canine Cancer | T4 | cTSH | Cortisol | Progesterone | cCRP

Touch screen for easy operation
Room temperature storage of test cartridges
Bi-directional interface simplifies patient data entry with PMS integration

The Element i+ analyzer uses cutting-edge immunodiagnostics technology.

How does Nu.Q® work?

  • DNA is compacted within a cell’s nucleus in the form of chromosomes.
  • Nucleosomes (small, structural units comprised of DNA and a histone protein core) allow chromosomes to stack and fold into their normal conformation within each cell nucleus.
  • For certain types of cancer, nucleosomes are released into the blood and can be measured using specific antibodies.
  • Nucleosomes in patient plasma measured with Nu.Q® can serve as a biomarker to help identify patients who may have cancer.³



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Nu.Q® in Practice

Tune in to an episode of Antech’s Tails from the Lab podcast to hear how Nu.Q® was used to whittle down a differential list in a real-life hypercalcemia case.

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