KeyScreen® GI Parasite PCR

Pioneering the most comprehensive GI Parasite screening solution.

Parasites are adapting—O&P is not.  

Welcome to evolving detection with KeyScreen® GI Parasite PCR. 

KeyScreen® GI Parasite PCR is the most comprehensive GI parasite screening solution. 

KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR screens for 20 parasites, including hookworms, roundworms, whipworms, protozoa, Giardia, coccidia, and tapeworms. Additionally, KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR identifies A. caninum benzimidazole resistance in hookworms and determines the zoonotic potential of Giardia. 

Because we know that parasites are constantly mutating, we remain agile.  

Coming this spring, we will add an additional marker to KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR that will detect a new mutation for multiple drug resistant (MDR) hookworms — keeping you vigilant and allowing for more precise, effective treatment. 


Download the Antech KeyScreen® GI Parasite PCR White Paper

A Comparative Study of Two Methods for the Identification of Gastrointestinal Parasites in Domestic Dogs and Cats in North America

Driving an Advanced Standard of Care 

Innovation in PCR Screening

KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR enhances your ability to identify and protect pets and pet owners from disease. All you need is a single 0.15-gram sample, which can be stored for 10 days with refrigeration. This innovative PCR screening solution advances your ability to treat parasites faster and sooner, with confidence — once again elevating the standard of care for pets. 

Accurate, Fast Diagnosis and Treatment — with Greater Certainty 

Using KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR, you can make treatment decisions with confidence — knowing that the molecular diagnostic capabilities of KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR will allow you to arrive at the right diagnosis faster, while upholding your commitment to One Health priorities and antimicrobial stewardship. 

Easier for You, Your Team, and Your Clients  

Performing fecals in-clinic is no one’s favorite task. It’s often a primary element of job dissatisfaction among technicians, and its time-consuming characteristics can be costly. Leave the work to us — collect the small sample required and send it over to our team. This allows you and your technicians to spend valuable time engaging with patients and their families, resulting in higher job satisfaction among your employees and an enhanced experience for your clients. 

Affordable PCR Testing 

Experience dependability — maintain affordability. 

KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR is affordable and offers next-day results for most North American practices, making it practical for routine screening and annual wellness exams. 

More Reliable Detection Compared to Existing Methods 

Fecal testing often relies on a methodology that has remained unchanged for nearly 100 years or more. O&P relies heavily on visual identification, and ELISA testing has known inherent limitations. As a molecular diagnostic test, KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR rapidly and accurately identifies the genetic material of a wide range of parasites from a small fecal sample — including parasites that otherwise might go undetected by O&P and ELISA techniques. 

Educational Webinar

KeyScreen® GI Parasite PCR: Unlocking the key to wellness fecal screening with Jennifer Lauren Lopez, DVM, MBA

With the rise in pet ownership, making annual parasite screening as comprehensive and efficient as possible for your practice is essential while making it accessible and affordable for pet owners. Antech’s new KeyScreen GI Parasite PCR helps address these needs and more. Join us for a one-hour webinar to learn how.

CAPC Recommendations 

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC)1 recommends testing for gastrointestinal parasites at least four times in the first year of life for puppies and kittens and at least two times per year in adult dogs and cats, depending on patient health and lifestyle factors. 

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