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Sometimes it helps to get an expert opinion. We offer consultations with more than 150 board-certified specialists to help make sense of the most complex cases.

Specialists in a dozen fields, including radiology, internal medicine, and equine medicine
Real-time peer-to-peer consulting
24/7 customer service and quick turnaround times
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Find an expert

We offer a world-class team with leading anatomical and clinical pathologists, board-certified specialists in internal medicine, and much more. Our experts can be called for a consult and are always at your side when you need it most.

To request an expert consult, please call us at 888.838.4636.

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Find a pathologist

Using the most advanced pathology technology, our pathologists deliver the highest-quality, state-of-the-art analysis and consultation. Find a pathologist among our diverse group of board-certified anatomic and clinical pathologists, regardless of where they live.

To request a pathologist consult, please call us at 888.838.4636.

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Introducing the first diagnostic of its kind

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Laboratory Diagnostics

February 4, 2020

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The Canine CE-IBD Assay
Antech accelerates the diagnosis of IBD with a simple blood test
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