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“Antech’s Digital Cytology has absolutely transformed our workflow.”— Zachary M. Wright, DVM DACVIM 

It can do the same for your practice, too. 

“I would recommend Antech’s Digital Cytology to any attending clinician who wants improved efficiency and accuracy compared to their in-house cytology workflow,” said Zachary M. Wright, DVM DACVIM (oncology), Chair of the VCA Pet CancerCare Alliance, Medical Director-VCA Animal Diagnostic Clinic. “It creates a better client experience.”    

Easy Workflow that Saves Time and Leads to Faster Treatment  Help Keep Pets Safe 

With Antech’s Digital Cytology service, you get a virtual, board-certified pathologist right in your practice. This gives you rapid results for faster treatment decisions. 

“With Antech’s Digital Cytology Service, I trust my technicians to run the day-to-day operations, and I trust in the quality of the reports,” said Dr. Wright. “For hospitals bringing this into your practice, the scanner doesn’t need extensive training. Our techs run the Digital Cytology scanner with ease.” 

For you veterinary technicians, we know how busy a day at the clinic can be. Our Digital Cytology service will free-up time so more of your day can focus on caring for your patients. 

“I would say the most frustrating aspect of my workflow prior to the Digital Cytology service was the turnaround time,” said Amy Littrell, MLT (ASCP), Animal Diagnostic Clinic. “Having to wait 2–3 days for results, especially on critical patients, was hard. Antech’s Digital Cytology allows us to make real-time decisions on critical cases while guiding treatment options. Having numerous pathologists available to roundtable those tough cases and get multiple opinions is amazing.”   

Real-time Access to Antech’s Team of Board-Certified Veterinary Pathologists 

Our Digital Cytology service is created by pathologists for pathologists. The scanner itself is an in-clinic device that provides high-quality scans that are easily transmitted to a network of experts for interpretation. 

“Now, I’m not only getting one of the best pathologists at Antech, when a challenging case requires it, I’m getting opinions from multiple pathologists at Antech — immediately,” said Dr. Wright. “I love the ability to get several pathology opinions in a matter of moments when we have a more challenging case. This makes me even more confident when I talk to the client about the case.”   

Decisions often need to be made quickly to provide the best care during life-threatening, immediate cases. With Antech’s Digital Cytology service, you can make fast decisions with confidence. 

“We’ve relied on Antech’s Digital Cytology for immediate, life-threatening intra-operative case decisions,” said Dr. Wright. “Now, we feel confident that we are giving the clients the very best information when they are forced with a life-or-death decision.”  

A Seamless Integration into Your Clinic and Workflow 

Your practice has its own unique workflow, volume, and day-to-day operational needs. Our Digital Cytology service is flexible and it’s tailored to fit seamlessly into your workflow. 

“For us, we are a high-volume hospital — at least four pick-ups a day,” said Dr. Wright. “Once you learn how the Digital Cytology scanner operates, it is very user-friendly. In my workflow, I don’t want to leave a stack of work on my plate. I want to finish it and go home. With Antech’s Digital Cytology service, I finish my reports day-of, and I don’t have a list of tests in the queue for the next day.” 

Fast, Accurate Results  

Antech’s Digital Cytology Service provides you access to important information to effectively diagnose and treat patients — faster than traditional methods allow. 

“Antech’s Digital Cytology has absolutely transformed our workflow and improved the client experience — giving us more accurate test results, faster,” said Dr. Wright. “I now call with official cytology results often before the client is home from their initial appointment. “Our entire hospital loves the service, and I cannot see a scenario where we could go back to the old way of physical slides mailed for evaluation.” 

Experience more accurate test results, faster, with Antech’s Digital Cytology service. 

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