The comprehensive
diagnostic and
imaging solution

Our commitment to veterinarians and their teams is driven by a deep affection for animals and a desire to see them live longer, healthier lives.

Building upon extensive scientific inquiry and data analysis, we’ve developed new platforms to address the health conditions of veterinary patients through prediction and diagnostics.

These tools support preventive care-centered medicine that empowers veterinarians while ensuring that their patients receive the highest degree of care.

Antech Through The Years
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Founded as Veterinary Centers of America
Acquired VCA West Los Angeles
Established reference laboratory division with acquisition of first lab in West Los Angeles
TL 02 Dskt
Adopted the name Antech Diagnostics for reference laboratory division
TL 03 Dskt
Acquired Dark Horse Telemedicine (eventually known as Antech Imaging Services)
Established medical technologies division with the acquisition of Sound Technologies
Entered the Canadian market with the acquisition of Advance Vet Lab in Ontario
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TL 05 Dskt
Acquired Eklin Medical Systems and merged with Sound Technologies (Sound-Eklin)
Acquired AVRL from Abaxis, increasing leadership position
Acquired by Mars Petcare, the largest pet health company in the world
Launched first AI predictive tool for chronic kidney disease in cats and first liquid biopsy for canine bladder and prostate cancer
Antech is a diverse collection of brands whose shared goal is to elevate the pet-care industry through quality products and services
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Reinventing an Industry

Antech is invested in the lives of pets and the veterinarians who treat them.


We supply veterinarians and their teams with the training and expertise to elevate their practice.


Our proactive approach provides answers before you need them, so you stay one step ahead.


Diagnostic and imaging solutions shape the way we care for pets today—and in the future.

Innovative Spirit

Years of data and ongoing research inform the tools that help pets live longer, healthier lives.


Take the surprise out of chronic kidney disease with artificial intelligence

Available exclusively through Antech, RenalTech™ is a breakthrough in predictive medicine. Powered by artificial intelligence, RenalTech™ uses common serum and urine diagnostics to predict whether a cat will develop chronic kidney disease in the next two years—with greater than 95% accuracy.

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Cadet Braf

Accurate canine bladder and prostate cancer test

CADET® BRAF evaluates urine samples from dogs for the presence of cells containing a mutation for canine bladder/prostate cancer (TCC/UC). It’s cutting-edge technology that is accurate, affordable, and convenient for both veterinarian and pet owner.

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Antech at a Glance
More than 70 state-of-the-art reference laboratories
90,000 samples processed daily
Nearly 16,000 veterinarians educated by the Academy of Veterinary Imaging
2 billion images stored
150 board-certified veterinary specialists
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KeyScreen™ GI Parasite PCR
The Most Comprehensive GI Parasite Screening Solution
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