ultrasound training
and education

07 Education 01 Hero MB

Veterinary ultrasound education facility located in Arlington, Texas, that provides you with the training to perform specific veterinary ultrasound exams accurately and confidently.

07 Education 02 Graduated Course Dskt

Graduated course progression

From introductory to intermediate to advanced, each level of training leads seamlessly to the next for optimal retention and progression.

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07 Education 03 Online courses Dskt

Online video courses

Our mission is to provide ongoing education to maximize diagnostic capabilities and return on investment in the imaging practice.

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07 Education 04 Instructors Dskt

Board certified instructors

Our instructors are handpicked specialists in their field, and chosen for their clinical application and ultrasound teaching experiences.

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Pricing and packages

Pricing for both single and package courses with standard and loyalty pricing.

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Location and lodging

Seminar and hotel locations, hotel rates, amenities, transportation, directions, and nearby entertainment and activities.

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Frequently asked questions

Common questions answered surrounding our courses and location.

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Registration request

Your registration is not a confirmation. Please wait at least three business days for confirmation of attendance to a course as some courses may be full but not yet noted on the registration page.

Contact the Academy of Veterinary Imaging

Call 800.268.5354 option 4 or complete the form on the right and a member of our team will get back to you.

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