HealthTracks® provides your diagnostic needs on one innovative digital platform. This digital center simplifies your practice’s diagnostic workflow, ensuring you have the features you need to provide the best care for your patients.

Elevate your Diagnostic Experience

Comprehensive Results and Trending for Easy Interpretation

HealthTracks includes in-depth test results and trending experiences. You can easily access your patient’s full history and detailed trending results data — helping you rapidly make the right diagnostic decision for your patient.

Seamless Communication with Clients

With HealthTracks’ client communication features, you can ensure your clients are always up to date using email and text messages. This communication feature allows you to personalize results that you share with your clients within HealthTracks. Additionally, pet owner questions and your answers are captured and archived in participating practice management software — all free for you and your clients.

Dive into all the HealthTracks Features

Test Guide

  • More test information is available to help you make the right diagnostic selection for your patient  
  • Look up test codes, compare panels, and see what is included with different tests  
  • Build a custom favorites list to quickly find your most commonly ordered tests and profiles 

Courier Service Schedule and Tracking

  • Schedule a courier pick-up   
  • Review your scheduled pick-ups status   
  • Review pick-up history details 

Results, Trending, and Communications

  • Notifications to let you know test results are ready
  • Enhanced result viewing and trending capabilities
  • Easily toggle results and read/unread
  • Easily print or email test results with a click of a button
  • Present results to your participating practice management system 
  • Quick and easy filters to help you identify unread emails and results that have not been imported or downloaded 
  • Clinic and accession logs to quickly verify submitted add-ons, emailed results, and monitor your client communication summaries

Seamless Ordering 

  • Existing client and patient information will auto-populate, and you can easily make edits to the information 
  • New doctors on your staff? You can simply add their details when placing an order 
  • Orders can be left in your cart or saved until you are ready to finalize the order 
  • Cancel orders before the samples have been picked up from your practice 
  • Easily reprint or download your lab order form 

Fully Automated Add-on Requests and Rechecks

  • Fast and easy add-on requests (a significant time-saving feature for your practice)
  • Orders are quickly routed to our lab 
  • Peace of mind knowing your order was submitted successfully with our new confirmation email communication  

Real-time Consultations

  • Request consultations in advance for your preferred time

Client Communications 

  • Send out client-friendly results via email or text 
  • Personalize patient results with your comments 
  • Emphasize and explain results which may be of concern or need to be rechecked

HealthTracks – How to Create a Client Communication


Fully Automated Add-on Requests and Rechecks

You can speed up the ordering of routine and specialty diagnostics with fast and easy add-on requests and test rechecks — both with detailed order confirmations. Now, you can have peace of mind and save time so you can focus on what you love most; caring for patients.

HealthTracks – How to Create an Add-On


Efficient Ordering and Diagnostic Testing 

Lab ordering with HealthTracks gives you the flexibility, dependability, and simplicity you need in a diagnostic platform. The sample confirmation feature ensures that you get all your diagnostics the first time. You can also provide important order details, view order history, print test request forms, and cancel orders — all at your fingertips for an efficient day-to-day workflow experience.

HealthTracks – Submitting an Order

HealthTracks – Submitting an Order



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