Lab Diagnostics

Our innovations drive the future of pet health

Antech brings together scientific rigor, medical expertise, and unparalleled access to pet health data to develop diagnostic solutions that increase pets’ ability to thrive and free veterinarians to do what they do best.

Groundbreaking, AI-driven predictive diagnostic platforms
Advances in molecular genetics for cancer detection and monitoring
State-of-the-art reference laboratories

Predictive Diagnostics

Predict disease before onset—allowing for the creation of personalized care plans

We’re changing the diagnostic paradigm by moving away from strictly relying on diagnosis and introducing the prediction of disease. Practitioners will have the ability to intervene before disease strikes and potentially even delay onset.

Molecular Diagnostics

Broad-based molecular technology testing

Antech’s molecular diagnostics use and develop novel technologies that enable faster and more personalised diagnoses.

Core Diagnostics

World-class technology and quality

Quality and cutting-edge reference laboratory technology provides results you can feel confident in, with fast turnarounds and world-class support.


Board-certified experience for timely and accurate results

Antech’s anatomic and clinical pathology services comprise more than 70 board-certified pathologists with more than a dozen specialties, using the most advanced digital pathology technology.

Find the tests you want and get consults fast

Search our comprehensive list of tests in chemistry, hematology, cytology, immunology, parasitology, and more. Board-certified specialists and pathologists are always a call or email away for expert consulting.