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SearchLight DNA® by Vidium Animal Health®

A canine cancer genomic test for clearer, faster treatment options

SearchLight DNA® by Vidium Animal Health® is an extensively validated, next-generation diagnostic test that identifies mutations in 120 relevant cancer genes and provides insights into a cancer’s origin, its behavior, and the optimal approach to treatment. It incorporates advanced diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive biomarkers to provide greater clarity about the behavior of a canine’s tumor. 

The test also identifies therapies that target those specific DNA mutations, including therapies that are unlikely to be effective or may even result in accelerated tumor growth. 

 When to Use SearchLight DNA 

If neoplasia is diagnosed or suspected from Antech’s cytology or histopathology report, call Antech Customer Service and request genomic analysis with SearchLight DNA. 


Target specific tumor mutations. Treat with greater confidence. 

How SearchLight DNA Works 

  • Extracts DNA from patient’s tumor sample 
  • Sequences the DNA using NGS technology 
  • Analyzes each individual cancer genome to identify its unique mutations 
  • Uses biomarker database to provide information on mutation-based diagnostic, prognostic and treatment guidance 


SearchLight DNA leverages the latest scientific data available in canine and human oncology to deliver the most up-to-date information on treatment options for your patient’s cancer. 

Nira is a beautiful 10-year-old Golden Retriever who developed a mass over her left elbow joint in 2020. SearchLight DNA provided valuable data that informed her treatment plan.

What is in a SearchLight DNA Report? 

  • Genomic mutation information, including diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic biomarkers 
  • A list of targeted therapeutic drug(s), if the patient’s tumor mutations are a match for an existing drug  
  • Pharmacologic marker (MDR1) mutation status with gene summary  
  • Clinical trials available for the patient’s cancer type  
  • References 
  • Assay description and genes/mutations evaluated 


SearchLight DNA provides key insights that enable you to offer clients greater peace of mind, knowing they’ve done the best possible in the management of their dog’s cancer journey. 

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Educational Webinar

Dr. Esther Chon will show you how to use genomics to help manage common canine cancers in general practice. You will learn when to use genomic analysis, and we will give you a detailed look at the report. We will focus on five common cancers in dogs and explain how genomic testing can help you better manage these cases, including treatment with oral targeted therapies.

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