Pet Cancer Month

Having the right diagnostics at the right time helps you get ahead of cancer, giving pets more time with their families.

  • North America’s largest reference laboratory network for routine wellness and deeper clinical insights 
  • In-house analyzers for immediate results and critical patients 
  • The industry’s most trusted diagnostic imaging equipment 
  • Breakthrough telemedicine and AI-powered solutions 


Detect cancer early, diagnose with greater confidence, and treat with precision. 

Experience how Antech’s full diagnostic portfolio supports you and your patients in the fight against cancer, today.

Detect canine cancer early with the power of molecular diagnostics.

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Early detection of canine bladder cancer. 


CADET BRAF evaluates urine samples from dogs for the presence of cells containing a mutation for canine bladder/prostate cancer (TCC/UC).  

It’s cutting-edge technology that is accurate, affordable, and convenient for both veterinarian and pet owner.  


All this test requires is a small urine sample.  

Canine Care

Explore our full canine cancer portfolio.

  • CADET® BRAF — early detection of canine bladder cancer 
  • SearchLight DNA® — identifies mutations in 120 relevant canine cancer genes


Uncover the power of molecular diagnostics.

Take a closer look at these powerful tests.

Wisdom Panel™  

Easily test for dog and cat medication sensitivities before you treat.  

Screen for MDR1 medication sensitivity before cancer treatment or anesthesia. 

With Wisdom Panel™, you can find a patient’s cancer medication sensitivity using the pharmacologic marker MDR1 (Multidrug Resistance Mutation 1). 

Get a full picture of your patient’s cancer medication sensitivity risk — start your tailored care now. 

Use the codes below to order Wisdom Panel™ today. 

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