FIRSTract Urine Culture

Introducing FIRSTract™ Urine Culture

The new gold standard for rapid detection of bacteria in urine.

FIRSTract™ is the first reference laboratory automated assay for quick urine culture, delivering accurate and reliable results within hours for a more streamlined first step diagnosis for your patients. Plus, FIRSTract’s innovative methodology represents a better track forward for antimicrobial stewardship—one that can significantly reduce the amount of antibiotics being prescribed unnecessarily by providing a faster way of detecting if a bacterial infection is present.

Reliable Results within hours

As a leader in innovative technologies, Antech is committed to veterinary success. With FIRSTract, we are excited to offer a new and reliable way to help veterinarians make informed decisions more quickly, leading to better treatment for their patients and a healthier world for us all.

  • 24 hour Turn Around Time
  • Responsible Antibiotic Stewardship

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Antech’s FIRSTract™ rapid urine culture demonstrates excellent performance and high sensitivity and specificity in comparison to standard urine culture results.

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The Accuplex heartworm assay has demonstrated very high sensitivity when compared to other heartworm screening tests, even in infections with low worm burdens. The American Heartworm Society recommends a secondary confirmatory test for all positive samples. High sensitivity is paramount for screening tests, especially in heartworm endemic areas, making Accuplex the best diagnostic option available for your patients.


FIRSTract uses a patented technology that monitors accelerated bacterial replication providing real-time growth curves yielding rapid detection of bacteria in the sample.


FIRSTract is powered by a new, fully automated system for rapid bacterial culture providing fast and reliable results for a better assessment and appropriate course of treatment for your patient.


Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a growing public health threat to animals as well as humans. FIRSTract’s accurate and reliable methodology can significantly reduce the amount of antibiotics being prescribed unnecessarily by giving veterinarians a faster way of knowing if a bacterial infection is present.

Educational Webinar

FIRSTract™: The new best practice in rapid urine culture

In this session with Dr. Rita Hanel, DVM, DACVIM (Internal Medicine), DACVECC., we will discuss the key benefits of Antech’s FIRSTract™ test for rapid urine culture, an overview of the technology used in the rapid bacteria screening test, and the different types of results reported. We will also review clinical validation data comparing Antech’s FIRSTract™ to traditional urine culture methodology and an update on results post-launch.

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