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A Dog’s Journey to Healing: Louie’s Hypercalcemia

 The path to a definitive diagnosis is rarely smooth and straight, which is why we’re honored to support veterinary professionals through the inevitable twists, turns, and dead ends. We recently partnered with doctors and dedicated veterinary team members to help a patient named Louie. 

Watch the videos below to get a step-by-step account of Louie’s diagnostic journey, and then tune in to the Tails from the Lab podcast episode to hear more of the nitty gritty details. 

 Video 1 serves as an introduction to Louie and details regarding his presentation, physical exam, and minimum database results. 

 Video 2 shows how the Element POC® Blood Gas & Electrolyte Analyzer was utilized to measure Louie’s ionized calcium and create a list of differentials based on the results.  

 Video 3 details how the Nu.Q® in-house canine cancer blood test assessed the likelihood that lymphoma was behind Louie’s hypercalcemia.   

 Video 4 demonstrates how Antech’s reference lab and AIS RapidRead™ service provided further insights into Louie’s case.  

 Video 5 explains how AIS board-certified radiologists were able to provide further evaluation and interpretation support — this time for parathyroid gland ultrasound stills. 

 Finally, Video 6 highlights a conversation with board-certified small animal internal medicine specialist Kelly D. Mitchell, DVM, DVSc., DACVIM, from Antech’s complimentary medical consulting service. Tying all of Louie’s lab data and imaging together, Dr Mitchell was able to determine a definitive diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan. 

 Just like Louie’s team, you deserve to have the right solutions at your fingertips to make the best diagnostic decisions for your patients. When you partner with Antech, you have access to: 

  • North America’s largest reference laboratory network. 
  • Best-in-class in-house diagnostics from Heska. 
  • The industry’s most-trusted imaging equipment from Sound. 
  • Breakthrough telemedicine from Antech Imaging Services (AIS). 

Louie’s team leveraged Antech’s full portfolio in getting to a definitive diagnosis. Discover how having the right diagnostics at the right time — all from Antech — could transform your patients’ diagnostic journeys. 


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