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ANTECH® GLP is a division of ANTECH® Diagnostics. ANTECH® Diagnostics has been providing veterinary and clinical pathology for fifteen years. ANTECH® Diagnostics now offers clinical pathology services in a regulated environment. ANTECH® Diagnostics is fully compliant with the GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) Regulations as set forth in 21 CFR Part 58 as well as other regulatory requirements.

At ANTECH® Diagnostics,, equipment, computers, instruments and procedures are all designed to provide the latest technology available for accurate analysis of samples. Over 3000 square feet of laboratory and office space is dedicated to clinical pathology analysis. Hematology analysis is based on the industry standards using the Advia 120 Multispecies Hematology System.

More About Antech Diagnostics

HISTORY | ANTECH® Diagnostics started in 1988. VCA ANTECH®, Inc. purchased their first small diagnostic laboratory in West Los Angeles. Shortly after learning the day to day activities with their first laboratory, we partnered with Dr. Lon Rich and Professional Animal Laboratories (PAL) in Southern California. During the years of 1988 to 1995 ANTECH®

Diagnostics grew to a national company serving the mid-west and north-east regions. Today ANTECH® Diagnostics has over 50 diagnostic locations throughout the United States and Canada. Since day one, we focused on quality care and today we still continue to invest millions into equipment, technology, diagnostic training and Quality Assurance and Control.

Download the Antech Accuplex Lyme Algorithm

Learn how to interpret Lyme positive results.