Wisdom Panel

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Wisdom Panel™

Comprehensive genetic screening to identify potential health conditions early — for dogs and cats

Wisdom Panel™ Premium enables better risk management in pre‑anesthetic and preventative care.  

  • Detect before clinical signs develop — and proactively counsel pet owners on risk, diet, exercise, and breeding  
  • Detects MDR1 medication sensitivity (cat and dog), von Willebrand’s Disease Type 1 (dog), intervertebral disc disease Risk (dog), polycystic kidney disease (cat), hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (cat), and many more  
  • Canine panel includes 265+ disorder‑associated genetic health variants 
  • Feline panel includes 45+ health conditions  
  • Backed by 35+ published papers  
  • Includes pet owner‑friendly breed and trait identifications 

Wisdom’s veterinary consultants support you in interpreting genetic results so you can build proactive, tailored healthcare plans for your patients. 

Canine Wisdom Panel™ Premium  

Test Code: S14497  

Feline Wisdom Panel™ Complete  

Test Code: S14498 

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