The Antech LabMate™ Point-of-Care Suite

The Antech LabMate™ Point-of-Care Suite

The Right Test at the Right Time

Antech’s in-house analyzers offer you innovative access to the right test at the right time, utilizing our state-of-the-art solutions. Our point-of-care services are a comprehensive, integrated suite that supports your care for pets.

LabMate™ CBC Point-of-Care Hematology Analyzer

Easy Workflow. Fast Results. Low Maintenance.

  • Rapid results: 71 seconds
  • Small sample size: 38µL
  • 22 parameters
  • 5-part WBC differential

LabMate™ CM Point-of-Care Chemistry Analyzer

Innovative Design. Efficient Simplicity. Low Maintenance.

  • 17 parameters in less than 10 minutes
  • Small sample size: 65-80 µL/panel
  • Simplified: Load-and-go cartridges
  • Minimal maintenance

LabMate™ CM XT Point-of-Care Chemistry Analyzer

Efficient. Flexible. Low Maintenance.

  • Trusted dry-slide technology for accuracy and precision 
  • Testing flexibility running panels and individual slides
  • Small sample size: 10 µL for colorimetric slides, 50 µL for electrolytes slides
  • Rapid results in 6 minutes or less depending on the slides

LabMate™ IA Point-of-Care Immunoassay Analyzer

Intuitive Menu. Hands-off Operation. Low Maintenance. 

  • Rounds-out the chemistry profile (e.g., T4, SDMA, Lipase, and Cortisol)
  • Small sample size (typically 20 or 40µL)
  • Walkaway operation
  • Fast test results: 8 – 12 minute

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