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Antech RenalTech, introduced over a year ago, is making an impact

RenalTech offers you a new way to predict, earlier detect and manage CKD sooner. Now you can help ensure your feline patients stay healthy for as long as possible—and watch your business grow by leaps and bounds.

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Royal Canin Renal Support Early Consult

Renal Support Early Consult diets are available only with a prescription. For optimal customer convenience and compliance, we recommend utilizing your practice's AutoShip online ordering system to have the diet shipped directly to your pet owner's home.

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Antech RenalCare Resources

We’ve created resources below to help you gain compliance and increase engagement with your pet owners. In addition to educating pet owners on the value of preventive care, you can set the expectation that RenalTech will be performed during a routine visit—at no charge, and help educate your pet owners on the value of Antech RenalCare.

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