OncoK9®, liquid biopsy for canine cancer detection  

OncoK9 detects 30 types of canine cancer, including lymphoma, hemangiosarcoma, soft tissue sarcoma, mast cell tumor, osteosarcoma, mammary gland carcinoma, anal sac adenocarcinoma, and malignant melanoma. 

Specific collection kits for this test are required and can be purchased via Antech Online prior to ordering OncoK9. Kits include two cell-free DNA collection tubes, each with a minimum fill of 7 mL of whole blood, total of 14-17 mL whole blood, store at room temperature.

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U.S. Test Code: S14493
Canada Test Code: CS14493 

Simple Blood Draw

  • Can be drawn right in practice during a patient’s visit 
  • No fasting required 
  • No sample processing required in practice 
  • Validated in dogs diagnosed with cancer and in cancer-free dogs with a range of other medical conditions 

Multi-Cancer Coverage

  • Proven ability to detect 30 distinct cancer types with high detection rates 
  • Cancer signal origin prediction in a subset of hematological malignancies 

Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology 
  • No refrigeration or freezing of samples — they can be shipped overnight at ambient temperature 
  • Low false-positive rate 


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OncoK9 Overview

Learn more about liquid biopsy technology and OncoK9 a multi-cancer detection (MCD) test for dogs.

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