Canine CE-IBD Assay

The Canine CE-IBD Assay

Diagnose and monitor chronic enteropathy with a simple, affordable blood test.

A Simple, Reliable, & Affordable Blood Test for Chronic Enteropathy

The Canine CE-IBD assay is a simple and affordable blood test that makes diagnosing and managing chronic enteropathy (inflammatory bowel disease) easier than ever before. Vomiting, diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal signs are among the most common reasons for a dog to require a visit to the veterinarian. The Canine CE-IBD assay reliably streamlines the otherwise demanding process of diagnosing chronic enteropathy.

Canine GI Diagnostic Algorithm

Diagnostic and therapeutic approach to a dog with chronic gastrointestinal signs.

What is the Canine CE-IBD Assay? 

The Canine CE-IBD assay is a novel assay that provides key information for diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of chronic enteropathy. The assay uses a panel of three gastrointestinal biomarkers that help determine if a dog with chronic gastrointestinal (GI) signs is likely to have chronic enteropathy. The assay also offers direction when to provide additional diagnostics, including insight into which therapeutic diet to select for a dietary trial.

How to Use the Canine CE-IBD Assay

The Canine CE-IBD assay is used when GI signs are present for at least 14 days. Additionally, you should use this assay when there is other evidence that the disease is more chronic than the owner realizes (i.e., when the patient has intermittent signs or significant weight loss noted). A result NOT consistent with CE-IBD helps rule out chronic enteropathy and turns your attention to other causes. A result that IS consistent with CE-IBD is helpful if the gastrointestinal signs persist and you rule out other acute causes of vomiting and/or diarrhea.

Clinical Indications for Canine CE-IBD Assay Use

Educational Webinar

Learn more on diagnosing Chronic Enteropathy

In this session with Johanna Cooper, DVM, DACVIM, we will discuss how Antech’s Canine CE-IBD Assay can help better diagnose and monitor patients with chronic enteropathy with a simple and affordable blood test.

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