Fountain Valley, Calif. May 18, 2021—Antech Diagnostics announced today the second published study for its Canine CE-IBD assay, veterinary medicine’s first non-invasive blood test for canine chronic enteropathy/inflammatory bowel disease. The new study, published in the Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (JVIM) on May 7, 2021, shows that the assay distinguishes CE dogs from non-CE dogs accurately and allows veterinary teams to evaluate a dog’s response to treatment. The growing body of data also demonstrates its value as an easy, effective, first-line diagnostic approach for all dogs with chronic GI symptoms, allowing them to regain good health faster.

Vomiting, diarrhea and related GI signs are among the most common reasons dog owners visit the veterinarian. Determining the cause can be lengthy, frustrating and expensive. If chronic enteropathy, also called inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), is present, a dog’s nutritional status and overall health could be compromised. Conceptualized from the diagnostics that ~85% of gastroenterologists use to diagnose and monitor GI disorders in humans, the Canine CE-IBD assay offers an easy, affordable, effective way to rule in/rule out CE early by measuring serological biomarkers to determine if a dog’s clinical signs are “consistent with CE” or “not consistent with CE.”

“New approaches to identifying and managing CE have long been desired,” said Todd Tams, DVM, DACVIM, chief medical officer for Mars Veterinary Health for External Affairs, a leading expert in veterinary gastroenterology and endoscopy and author of several related books and publications. “New data showing the value of the assay for both diagnosis and treatment monitoring suggest its potential to transform both the quality and speed at which we can deliver highly personalized care to these often very sick dogs and their worried owners.”

The JVIM validation data demonstrate the Canine CE-IBD assay’s ability to distinguish dogs with CE from normal dogs and those with non-CE related disease, supporting its value as a first-line diagnostic approach for all dogs with chronic GI signs. Deliberately conducted in a field setting at several veterinary practices, the prospective, multicenter, clinical study of 214 dogs with chronic GI signs showed that seropositivity was higher in CE dogs than normal dogs. Following diagnosis and during treatment, dogs with CE showed decreased titers consistent with clinical improvements, supporting the assay’s use for monitoring and to guide treatment adjustments. The new study follows the April 13, 2020 JVIM manuscript, which described the developmental study that evaluated five biomarkers to determine which ones would be most valuable to incorporate in the canine assay to rule in/rule out CE.

“While common, dogs presenting with chronic gastrointestinal signs remain one of the most challenging clinical conditions that veterinary practitioners face every day,” said Jennifer Ogeer, BSc., DVM, MSc., MBA, MA, VP Medical Affairs for Antech. “These new data suggest that the Canine CE-IBD assay can be a valuable first-line diagnostic tool that veterinarians can use to stratify these dogs quickly and cost-effectively. The ability to know results faster allows us to provide recommendations on the appropriate treatment to dogs earlier in the diagnostic process, increasing the quality of the care we’re able to give all dogs presenting with GI issues and strengthening pet-owner confidence.”

The manuscript, “Utility of the combined use of 3 serologic markers in the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic enteropathies in dogs,” is available online at Veterinary practices can access the Canine CE-IBD assay regardless of customer status as it requires no special supplies. For Antech customers, request test T1030 (USA) or CA1030 (Canada). Results are available in 48 hours. For additional information about the assay and to access the Antech Canine GI Diagnostic Algorithm, please visit

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