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 ANTECH Diagnostics is the leading choice for veterinary reference diagnostics  ANTECH Diagnostics is the nation’s largest provider of reference laboratory service

Laboratory Services

ANTECH Diagnostics® services more than 19,000 animal hospitals throughout North America, operates more than 50 reference laboratories in the US and Canada, and receives up to 45,000 samples daily. More than 400 board-certified specialists are available and on-call. ANTECH laboratories’ diagnostic spectrum includes over 300 different tests in chemistry, pathology, endocrinology, serology, hematology, and microbiology. ANTECH OnLine, powered by zoasis® (, provides access to test results 24/7. Online results available include – patient trending, data analysis, disease prevalence, and patient follow-up, all utilizing the highest quality control and quality assurance.

ANTECH® OnLine service offers more than just immediate access to lab results. It puts you ahead of the curve with patient trending reports, data analysis, disease prevalence, and patient follow-up reporting. Not to mention access to more than 120 consultants for challenging cases.

SOUND-EKLIN™ provides digital radiography and GE® ultrasound systems, radiation therapy systems and PACS solutions for all veterinary environments. Sound-Eklin has installed over 5,000 digital radiography systems and over 6,000 ultrasound systems within the veterinary market, since the company’s inception in 1996. Exclusive veterinary brands include TruDR™ and Mark Digital Radiography Platforms, eFilm, Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy and Orthoplan orthopedic planning software. For more, please visit the Sound-Eklin website.

ANTECH Imaging Services
ANTECH Imaging Services (AIS) provides state-of-the art Web-based PACS and telemedicine capabilities.  Now it is even simpler to add the expertise of a specialist while keeping the patient in your practice! Our on-line PACS provides images anywhere, anytime, to any computer!

ANTECH Imaging Services is proud to provide telemedicine and Internet-based PACS (over 43,000,000 images on-line) for all VCA clinics and over 3,500 other clinics across the country and around the world. Our team of professionals is passionate about improving the quality of veterinary care. As small and large practices recognize the need to have greater access to the latest advances in veterinary medicine, AIS is committed to providing the tools necessary to empower practitioners, specialists and pet owners.  For more, please visit the ANTECH Imaging Services website.

As A Company
In an effort to make quality veterinary care available to more pet owners, VCA ANTECH® acquires animal hospitals. VCA ANTECH only purchases hospitals from existing practitioners who want to sell and makes every effort possible to keep in place the medical and office staff who have long serviced their communities, even after acquisition. VCA ANTECH strives to retain a positive working relationship with the original owners, and in over 95% of the hospitals purchased, the principal prior owner continues to stay with the company. With a focus on quality rather than quantity, VCA ANTECH’s 605 hospitals plus remain a small fraction of the estimated 22,000 veterinary practices in the United States.

As An Employer
VCA ANTECH® has a solid history of providing outstanding career opportunities to qualified candidates, offering competitive compensation as well as comprehensive health care and retirement benefits. The company focuses on providing internships, externships and residency programs that continue to raise the bar for medical treatment in veterinary medicine. VCA ANTECH also offers excellent exit strategies for veterinarians who are seeking alternatives, whether it be retirement or a life-changing event. For more, please visit the VCA ANTECH website.

VCA ANTECH operates a network of 605 animal hospitals in 40 states. More than 80 of them are specialty or referral hospitals, offering residency, internship and externship programs, and career training in hospital management. More than 3,000 veterinarians are currently part of the hospital network and more than 400 are board-certified in their own field of expertise. For more, please visit the VCA Hospitals website.

As Part of the Community
VCA Charities is a 501(c)(3) with a mission to improve the lives of pets and their families. Established in 2005 by the founders of VCA Animal Hospitals, VCA Charities has helped feed thousands of pets through our Pet Food Pantry program, provided free medical treatment, donated time and money to pet charities globally. Please visit the VCA Charities website and blog to find out the most up-to-date information about VCA Charities and its programs.

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