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Canine Leptospirosis

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Real-time PCR test offers earlier detection in acute leptospirosis cases
The increasing prevalence of canine leptospirosis across the United States and its deadly zoonotic potential make the disease an important consideration in cases of acute kidney disease with or without hepatic disease.

The FastPanel® PCR Canine Leptospirosis Profile, now available from ANTECH Diagnostics, offers a highly sensitive molecular testing option for canine leptospirosis. The profile tests for all pathogenic strains of Leptospira spp. currently known to infect dogs and complements the microscopic agglutination test (MAT) method by overcoming several of the traditional test’s limitations.

With results available in only 1-3 days, FastPanel PCR profiles employ real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) technology and leverage proprietary assay design methodologies that permit highly accurate detection of varied and evolving organisms.

Three testing options to choose from

The FastPanel PCR Canine Leptospirosis profile should be used to assist in the diagnosis of both acute and chronic leptospirosis. Samples should be procured before starting antibiotic treatment. Select from one of three PCR testing options, based on the timing of clinical signs:

 Test Code:   Sample Type:   When to Order:
 T978  Blood & Urine Recommended option. If the timing of infection is
uncertain, testing both sample types will increase   the diagnostic sensitivity of the assay.
 T974  Blood During the first week of illness, when Leptospira are likely to be circulating in the patient’s bloodstream
 T976  Urine Following the first week of illness, when Leptospira
are being actively shed in the patient’s urine
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