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Patient Reporting
  • Individual lab results are now easier to read, with prior lab results listed and visualized over a timeline with just one click
  • Trend results for CBCs, Chemistries or any tests?
  • Print these summary tables for your records or attach them to the patients’ record in your practice management system.
  • Select which analytes to graph. Animated graphs demonstrate changing test values over time, speeding up your ability to find trends and potentially modify treatments or explain changing values to your client.

Clinic Reporting

  • Investigate your most frequently ordered tests?
  • Learn how your Wellness Programs doing?
  • Compare easily your business changes on a monthly or yearly basis.
  • Determine infectious disease Incidences seen in your clinic.

Area Reporting

  • Disease Incidence maps of your State keep you in touch with what's going on in your county, state, or even country
  • Open the interactive map and Select a year, or even a season of that year, to find what percentage of fecal samples were found to have at least one parasite
  • Click on any state to get an in-depth analysis of all of the above by county and Click on any bar graph to see that value by county.

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Step 2: Enter your credentials (the same ones you use on Zoasis)
Step 3: Verify the email address connected with your account.
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ANTECH OnLine integrates with the finest Practice Management Software companies.
  • Animal Intelligence
  • AVImark®
  • BWCi
  • ClienTrax®
  • CompuTrust
  • Cornerstone®
  • DVM Manager®
  • DVMAX®
  • eFRIENDS for DVMs®
  • GlobalVetLink
  • ImproMed INFINITY®
  • IntraVet
  • Mobile Data Software
  • Rx Works
  • Sunpoint Software
  • VETECH Advantage
  • VETport
  • Vetstar
  • VIA
  • V-Tech Platinum
  • WinVet

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ANTECH Diagnostics is thrilled to introduce the next generation in laboratory results – ANTECH OnTheMove. With our easy-to-use application, ANTECH customers can now quickly view patient’s lab results, check for important messages, and look up comprehensive test details, all from their phone or tablet.

  • Laboratory Results - Immediate access to all results from the past three days, organized by day of the week
  • Detailed Results – Eye-catching graphs, clearly marked abnormals, condensed comments – all with the client’s information at the top of your screen
  • Introducing ANTECH Alerts – No more waiting by the fax for important messages from ANTECH
  • Unread Markers – Easily identify any results or alerts you haven’t checked yet
  • Searchable Test Guide – Browse by category, filter by keyword, and view the full details of any test
  • Enhanced Communication – Call Customer Service, call for a consultation, call your clinic – all at the touch of a button 

How To Download ANTECH OnTheMove
  1. From your iPhone, find the App Store Icon, and open the application.
  2. To search for an app, click the “Search” button in the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Type in “ANTECH” or “OnTheMove” in the search bar and click the blue “Search” button.
  4. A list of search results will appear. You may have to scroll through a few to find ANTECH OnTheMove, but when you do, it’ll look like this (left).
  5. You can click on the results to see even more about the app, including a description and screenshots.
  6. When you’re ready to download the app, click the “Free” button at the top right corner of your screen. You will be prompted to enter your Apple ID Password. 
  7. That’s It! You have now downloaded ANTECH OnTheMove application. Your first time launching the app, you’ll need to enter your login crendentials (they’re the same ones you use on Zoasis or ANTECH OnLine).
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