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Parasite Testing

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We asked the best, “How can you be better?”
ANTECH Diagnostics® worked with top veterinary parasitologist, gastroenterologist  and hospitals nationwide to discover the issues and problems involved with in house testing for fecal parasites. Many of these hospitals still conducted simple fecal flotations which experts agreed was not the most effective method for parasite detection. Combined with staff training issues, time efficiencies and complaints about the smell, mess and general unpleasantness associated with in-house fecal testing; it was clear a better more effective approach was needed. 
We listened to your needs and created a Parasite Detection Program that works for you.  In state-of-art laboratories, many created for this one sole purpose, highly trained technicians, prepare, detect and accurately identify the dozen or so most commonly encountered parasites. Moreover, less common parasites don’t miss our detection with parasitologist reviewing these more challenging cases.  

ANTECH Diagnostics is the leader in cost effective, accurate and cleaner method of handling one of the most common problems seen in Veterinary medicine. Over 3,000,000 fecal samples are analyzed yearly with unmatched accuracy and efficency. Now your clients can have the utmost confidence that annual fecal examinations are needed and should be a standard part of their annual visits.

United States Parasite Incidence Map

Click on the Interactive Map Icon to left to see a whole new way of viewing and analyzing the parasite incidence rates in your area.  Find out how your county compares to those neighboring you, a bordering state, or a state on the other side of the country.  With ANTECH Diagnostics, you always have the information you need at your fingertips.

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